UN SDG Case Study Contributions

Business and the private sector are the reason we are writing the UN SDG Corporate Guidebooks. The back part of each Guidebook contains case studies of firms involved in that Goal.

Do you have a potential case study? We will interview your company and collect the necessary information. Our teams will draft the case study for potential inclusion, unpacking the information for the reader using our SOFAIR method, which is under our methodology explained in “A Six Sigma Approach to Sustainability, Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility” (CISR®). For a 15 – 20 page case study, the meeting commitment is six interviews, with additional information gathering. We prepare on our end by gathering publicly available information. Your team then provides the valuable insights.

Don’t think your business has enough for a case study? Not to worry. Each Target Chapter in each Guidebook contains multiple examples of companies involved in that Target, in the Background Section through to KPI examples. We will interview you and write one to two paragraphs for potential inclusion.

In either case, if you wish anonymity for your firm, we can do that. And you will preview any case study or example.

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