UN SDG Project Internship

Are you a high school Junior or Senior (last two years of secondary school), in college (tertiary education), or getting a post-graduate degree?

Or are you the parent of such a potential intern?

We welcome student interns. We can provide your school any required evaluation or other documentation if that is needed. Students under the age of 18 will need the approval of their parents or guardian.

Students’ weekly commitment normally ranges between 4 to 6 hours per week. If their school has a required number of hours, we will accommodate that. Interns speak weekly with a mentor or assigned supervisor so that research requests can be communicated, for coaching, and to answer any questions. Interns can join from anywhere in the world as it is 100% virtual.

Basic equipment needs: Internet connectivity, Microsoft Office, computer with a camera and microphone.

Students learn from global industry experts and leaders in academia. They develop a professional network and are eligible for their own webpage on our website. A recommendation from a SHERPA Contributor is very helpful in college applications.

There are multiple intern roles. Most are SDG Research Interns, supporting a specific SDG Team. Research Interns learn what information is necessary to do proper citations in APA style, then upload research with that citation information included. Other roles available are in Editorial Review, Interactive Media, Graphics, etc. We are happy to find a customized role for a student’s interests, talents, and specific knowledge.

To learn more, please click below for instructions about how to get involved in the project.

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Are you an education administrator interested in arranging internships for your students? We will work with you to craft a program appropriate for your school.

We do request faculty support for such a program, including an advisor to help with the interns’ progress.

Please contact us for further discussions.

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