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Online & Optional Live Destination Capstone Events

The SHERPA Institute Leadership Program is like no other executive professional development program on the planet. You will be invited to exclusive live destination capstone events, in locations from historic mountain towns, to lakeside retreats, to landmark space exploration venues, and unforgettable regenerative ranches.

Sherpa Institute Leadership Program

In our engaging online community, we develop exceptional leadership skills, through application of concepts, in a variety of delivery modes, from provocative discussions, to short recorded lectures, videos, interviews with executives, live web meetings and more. Cohorts are very limited in size and participants are paired with a 1:1 Executive Coach, for periodic web check-ins.

Participants learn a proven approach for setting strategy, and developing company culture frameworks, including articulating core values, mission and vision.

While we advocate using CISR for continual improvement, this Leadership Program can be applied


That’s right. You will be able to use the leadership tools and techniques whether your organization uses Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, TRIZ, PDCA, or any other Alphabet Soup. We have Leadership Coaches with experience in a wide variety of CI Methodologies, so we can pair you with just the right fit. If you have not yet deployed a continual improvement program, please note that our leadership tools and techniques are intended to be used within a project framework.

Your continual improvement program can be transformed from just running projects to a vehicle for CULTURE CHANGE!

Through this Leadership Program, you will learn how to build capabilities in transparent communications, increasing accountability, unleashing innovation and galvanizing teams in ways you’d never imagined possible.

Applications and acceptance into the program is required.


Individuals are welcome and groups of three or more from a single firm are highly encouraged to join together.

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